What are Feather Flags and Teardrop Flags
Feather flags and teardrop banners are perfect for advertising indoor or outdoors. Your message will stand high above the rest. Our flags stand as high as 15' tall

What are Feather Flags and Teardrop Flags?
Well, you have probably seen shops and retails stores while driving down the street and noticed vertical flags flapping in the wind. These are called feather flags and teardrop flags. Feather flags are the ones with a curved top that is shaped by a flexible top pole. The bottom of the flag is loose and flaps in the wind. Although no wind is necessary to hold up the flags, a little breeze causes the flag to grab your eye due to the waving motion. A teardrop flag is similar but has a different structure and motion. Both types of flags can rotate with the wind, but the teardrop flag does not flap because the pole holds the whole structure tight in the shape of an upside down "teardrop". These flags can also be known as a blade banner.

The flags are usually made of a dye sublimated polyester material. Dye sublimation is a process where the image is printed onto a carrier and the heat pressed onto a raw polyester material. When the heat press is used, the ink is heated to a very high temperature, allowing the ink to transfer onto and into the polyester strands of material. Once the material is cooled, the ink is embedded into the fabric and leaves a very dense and vibrant colored print. Some materials will allow the print to bleed through to the other side causing a reverse image on the second side. This is useful for single sided flags with simple and bold lettering. The second side can be read in reverse, but also getting the point across. For instance, the word "SALE" can be read even if it is printed backwards. A professional company who produced flags can also create a double sided feather flag. This is done by printing a second side and sewing the two pieces back to back with a blockout fabric sandwiched in between. This doesn't allow for light to show through the flag and doesn't allow the second side image to be read on the front side.

The hardware consists of a carry bag, a pole system, and a ground stake or a cross base. The most important part of this combination is the pole system. Most of the systems are portable and can be broken down into several pieces like a fishing pole. the top section of a feather flag will have a flexible tip made of fiberglass or steel. The bottom poles are usually made from aluminum or fiberglass. A teardrop flag will also have aluminum or fiberglass bottom, but the top two sections of the flag pole will usually be fiberglass because the pole has to almost completely bend into a circle.